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Information about Cuba: currency, weather, visa, and medical care


More Information about Cuba.

Where is Cuba? 

How is the weather in Cuba? How should I dress? 

How is its flora and fauna? Are there poisonous animals? 

Is a visa necessary to enter Cuba? Which documents do I need? 

Which are the currencies in Cuba? 

Is Cuba a safe country? 

What happens if I get sick? 

How are the phone communications and Internet? 



 Where is Cuba?  

Cuba is an archipelago and it is located in the Caribbean Sea (or the Antilles sea), near the coast of the United States and Mexico. It limits to the north with the Strait of Florida, to the east with the Step of Winds, to the south with the Caribbean Sea and to the west with the Gulf of Mexico. 


How is the weather in Cuba? How should I dress? 

Our country generally has high temperatures. The annual average values oscillate from the 24 °C, up to 34 °C and mainly in the oriental area. The less hot season corresponds to the months of November to April. It is known as the Cuban winter, while the hottest months are from May to October. Having a pick risen in July- August. 

The relative humidity stocking is high and the effect of the high relative humidity, grants to the Cuban archipelago an intense sensation of heat during great part of the year. The rains, product of the day heating, almost always refresh the afternoons, mainly in summer.

The clothes that you should take for your trip, should be mainly made of cotton dresses or similar slight clothes. In the winter a jacket or slight sweater will be enough. The Cuban is very simple to dress, don't forget your jeans, short, T-shirt, glasses for the sun and solar protectors. 


How is it their flora and fauna? Do poisonous animals exist? 

In Cuba do not exist. Mortal Poisonous animals a case of mortality has never been reported in our country due to itches of poisonous animals. In our fauna there are, mammals like the jutías, different bats, reptiles (none of them poisonous), crocodiles, amphibians (among them the smallest frog in the world), fish and marine animals, standing out a great variety of species that inhabit the coral reefs. The insects and insectivorous mammals are also plentiful. The flora counts with more than 6.450 species of plants.


Is a visa necessary to enter to Cuba? Which documents do I need? 

The visa or tourist's card is necessary to travel to Cuba, also a valid passport. 

It is necessary equally an insurance with effective medical covering that includes medical expenses or a policy of medical expenses, with covering inside the island. 


Which are the currencies that circulate? 

In Cuba several currencies circulate: the CUC (I weigh convertible Cuban) and the CUP (the national currency). The one that more interests tourists and foreign visitors is the CUC although he/she suits to have a percent of the money in (CUP the national currency), to buy products in markets and to pay some transportation types like the almendrones  

You can change their foreign currencies for convertible pesos in airports, banks, hotels, houses of change and big stores. The Cuban state accepts credit cards Trans card, it Approves, International MasterCard, Access, Ban comer International Euro card, Banamex, Dinners Club International, JCB and Identification card… 


Is Cuba a safe country? 

Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world. The armed assaults are extremely strange and it is very difficult to find drugs sellers in the streets. The Cubans, as a general rule, have a high cultural level, being by nature, friendly warm and helpful. Nevertheless, we recommend to take some measures of security as in any place of the world you may visit: not to walk alone in dark and unknown places. To walk in groups when we venture at high hours of the night and to take with you the telephones of the police, ambulances and firemen. 


What does it happen if I get sick? 

The public health in Cuba is famous for the high qualification and knowledge of its doctors and nurses. There is medical assistance in our hotels and in the cities and tourist destinations there are numerous hospitals, clinical and international pharmacies, where you can receive specialized service or buy any medication.


How are the phone communications and Internet? 

The phone basic service of the country allows to guarantee the direct phone communications with any place of the world. To call from Cuba to any other country you should deal the prefix 119  

There are some problems with the access to internet but in most of the hotels you can have the service. There are also Wi-Fi areas in the main tourist destinations. 

To call to the island from abroad: 

a) You deal the prefix of exit of the country where you are 

b) You deal the code of Cuba: 53  

c) You deal the code of the area or town 

d) You deal the phone number 


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