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Information about the Valley of Viñales and the nature tourism


Information about the Valley of Viñales and the nature tourism.
For a pleasant and accomplice journey, full of natural beauty we recommend the visit to Viñales Valley in Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba.
The hillocks, constitute themselves an excellent motivation to visit the Valley of Viñales. Some people like bustle of the cities, others pursue the warmth of the Cuban beaches; however the traveller that looks for the calmness of the nature cannot miss to go to the most western county in Cuba, Pinar del Rio and to follow the itinerary until the most beautiful valley that you have ever seen in la Sierra de los Organos.   
It is very easy to go from Havana. Maybe get to the town; but we advise to go a little further. Those interested in geology will find strange formations of limestone with abundant fossils of ammonites, fish and terrestrial dinosaur "Diplodocus" and the marine reptile "Ichthyosaurus".
As the route extends shades of green become more intense until you reach a limit where it is difficult to discern between nature and silence. In moments, the majesty of the place becomes a partner of indecision: Pizarras Heights, Cueva Del Indio or the fabulous Mirador Los Jazmines.
The first step should be to ensure good accommodation so that time do not play tricks on you. You have a variety of options: from staying in private homes to choose hotels Los Jazmines, Rancho San Vicente and Dos Hermanas. In all these sites, you will have the assistance of guides and practice of programmed activities.
The Mural of the Prehistory is in the valley Two Sisters, in the hillock it whistles. The paintings express the daily life and evolution of the Indian Guanahatabeyes, together to the representation of mammals, gigantic animals and mollusks. In total, they are all twelve pieces in this perpendicular hillside. It extends along the valley for 120 and the 160 meters of longitude. Their author was Leovigildo González Firedog. The rock was washed and drained to avoid a future erosion Because of the rain.
The Cave of the Indian is not the only of this type you can visit. That of Jose Miguel, The Queen of the dens and Sacred Thomas's Great Cavern, Also allow exploiting the Speleological abilities because their natural conditions are perfectly to show us the beauty of the calcareous rocks dissolved in the acidity of the water...
Everything depends on what you prefer.  
We can organize your tour in Viñales. Communicate with us…

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