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Tariff regulations for travellers in Cuba.


Tariff regulations for travellers in Cuba.

To make easier to get through the customs office without uncomfortable delays, it is necessary to know the regulations and their opportunities.

The regulations of the customs, as every law, have their opportunities among the great list of articles that you cannot import or export. Although all the passengers should fill statement offering information on the articles in their luggage, it is necessary they know their rights.

It is not necessary to pay for the personal stuffs and they can be used to import without a commercial purpose. The value of the articles that you bring to the country as non-accompanied baggage will be part of the passenger's maximum value allowed. On the other hand, children over ten years, going along with an adult, are allowed to import articles until the limit of the official value.

Remember that the admission of freely convertible currency cash in Cuba is free, although it should be declared in the Customs’ statement when it is more than 5 thousand USD or its equivalent. The classification in which luggage is divided according to its characteristics is: accompanied (when the passenger takes it or brings it with him) and not accompanied (when it, or a part of it, arrives or leaves before or after the passenger's arrival or departure.) 

If the passenger is a permanent resident in Cuba he is authorised to import exempt of payment: furniture for the house and personal belongings according to what is settled down in the current legislation. To artists, sportsmen, specialists, scientists, journalists and film directors, passengers in transit and those people arriving to the country in special circumstances are allowed to enter articles of temporary import.

Be careful with wireless fax equipments, phone boards, devices for data networks, systems of satellite setting, biological and chemical products of animal origin for veterinary use, flora and fauna specimens, and food when it does not fulfil the customary requirements, among others. These need permission or authorization. If even so you are interested to import these items, you must consult your travel agent or Tour-operator. 

The Customs uses three methods to determine the tax value of the articles that a passenger carries as luggage, in accordance with the Law: the purchase invoice, what is declared by the traveller and the internal inventory of valuables.

It is not allowed to import the following electric appliances: air conditioners with a capacity superior to 1 ton, cookers and electric burners, electric ovens and electric resistances of any type. Neither: slight motor vehicles, motors and chassis of cars and motorcycles.


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